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What We Believe

  1. We believe in the Bible as God’s Word and the truth
  2. We believe in the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Ghost – as one God
  3. We believe that Jesus was born in human form, died for our sins and was raised to life on the 3rd day
  4. We believe that Jesus is coming back again

About The Content

eBibleguide.com publishes Christian contents about “Bible Verses”, “Bible FAQs”, “Common Bible Topics” and “Bible Characters”. eBibleguide.com also publishes Devotionals, Verse of the Day, contents about “Scriptures Explained” and “Best Of” categories.

Our “Bible Verses” category is further divided into sub-categories like Bible Verses About Love, Bible Verses About Faith, Bible Verses About Mariage, and more. The content in this category lists 5 Bible verses about the topic in 3 versions – New King James (NKJ), New Living Translation (NLT), and Amplified Bible (AMP). Under each Bible verse, a life application is provided.

The “Bible FAQs” category answers common Bible questions like “How Many Chapters in the Bible”, “What Does the Bible Say About Suicide”, “Forgiveness in the Bible” and more. The content in this section lists 5 verses about the topic. Each verse is then explained in the context of the topic with the sole purpose of providing scriptural answers to the question.

eBibleguide.com also has a category called “Bible Characters”. This category covers topics about Bible characters like Hannah, Ruth, David, and 10s of others. Some of the topics covered in this category are “Ruth in the Bible”, “David in the Bible”, “Hannah in the Bible” and more. Each topic starts by introducing the Bible’s character. Then, a cross-reference of verses relating to the Bible character. The topic also covers key facts about the Bible character and life lessons we can learn from the Bible character.

That is not all, we also have “Scriptures Explained” and “Best Of” categories.

“Common Bible Topics” covers Bible topics that interest most Bible students. Topics like “Adultery in the Bible”, “Circumcision in the Bible” are covered in this category. Contents in this category list 5 verses about the focus topic. Then, at the end of each verse, the verse is explained in the context of the topic and how it applies to real-life situations. Most explanations may also include other Bible cross-references.

Apart from Bible characters and Bible topics, our research also shows that people search for specific Bible verses. These verses are covered in the “Scriptures Explained” category. This category explains specific Bible verses like Psalm 46:1-3, Deuteronomy 31, and more. The contents in this category start with the scripture quoted in 3 Bible versions – New King James (NKJ), New Living Translation (NLT) and Amplified Bible (AMP). Then, there is a scripture cross-reference section. The scripture cross-reference section quotes at least 5 other Bible verses similar to the verse in focus. The final section then discusses some life applications of the focus verse.

Finally, eBibleguide.com has a category called “Best Of”. This category is a type of review of the Bible and Christian resources. Some topics in this category are “Best Christian Movies”, “Best Christian Podcasts” and more. Each topic in this category reviews the 5 best of the product or service in question. Each item in the list includes at least 3 features that make the product or service unique and valuable. The purpose of this category is to help readers make informed choices about the product or service to use.

About the Founder and Lead Editor of eBibleguide.com

Victor Ashiedu is the founder and Lead Editor of eBibleguide.com. He started eBibleguide.com April 2020 after years of procrastination! Victor started this Bible/Christian blog firstly to help him stay in God’s Word – by preparing for the contents he writes in eBibleguide.com, he is forced to study God’s Word.

So, if you find it difficult to study the Bible as frequently as you would want to, you are in good company! Victor’s approach to writing is to break down scripture in an easy-to-understand manner. He also tries to extract the life application of every scripture or topic he writes about.

Apart from eBibleguide.com, Victor (through InfoDots Media) also operates another blog (a tech blog), called Itechguides.com. He has almost 20 years experience in the IT industry. He is also a Bible believing Christian. He started following Christ December 30th, 1999. His hope is that eBibleguide.com will help Christians across the world grow in God’s Word. If you have any question for Victor, use the Contact Us form.


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I know that You...
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And this is...
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